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I won’t lie to you- I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect name for future H offspring.

When I started kindergarten, I think that 80 percent of the female student body was named [in some format of] Lauren or Laura. I do think that one of the first questions I asked my Mom after my first day of class was “Mommy- why is my name so different?” Needless to say- I’d like my [future] children to have a name as unique as they are. Now- don’t get me wrong- that doesn’t mean Blake will allow me to go around naming our daughters and sons something crazy like Moxie Crimefighter, Pilot Inspektor, or Sage Moonblood

[although I’m still rather fond of the name Apple].

So when I discovered this article listing the top business schools in the country, I was intrigued to see that their were some pretty valid contenders for my “name list”. Just a few that strike my fancy:

Sloan  (this has always been a favorite of mine)
Darden (as a middle name)

[although I don’t think Tippie or Babcock would land me on any Mother of the Year lists]

A scholarly reference and a unique name makes for a win, win in my book!


  1. littlelaur said: oh i LOVE this. also, you are the best for sending me that article. made my morning!! xo
  2. charliebravo said: love this!
  3. betterthanihopedfor said: I loved Sloan- until Brian noticed that it is the brand of a major men’s urinal company. Major bummer
  4. emphasisadded said: We already know our boy name but are in the process of brainstorming unique options for if H2 is a baby girl. It is tough!
  5. champagnetoasts posted this
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