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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up next to me every morning? After I made the judicial decision to let my wavy hair be wavy on a rainy Monday morning, after a long run where I stuffed my uncooperative pony-tail into a neon green baseball cap, after combing and slicking back said hair following my athletic expenditure as I settled into my cozies last night, and after sleeping on this matted mane of tangles and bobby pins for a solid 7 hours? 

Well, here you have it. Blake walked up behind me this morning and told me that I looked like a backup dancer for an 80’s hair band. Volume, anyone? Also, Blake, what exactly is a hair band? 

And- for comparisons sake [& as proof that I did shower and put on makeup before I left the house this morning]- the after.

There you have it; photographic evidence that I really do need 3 elastic bands to keep my up-do out of my eyes while running. 


  1. britface said: If only my hair looked that good first thing in the morning! You are genetically blessed, E.
  2. landofthepine said: where did you get that cutie iphone case?
  3. charliebravo said: pretty girl! 80’s hair or not :)
  4. kelli-bo-belly said: Hair band?! Bon Jovi was considered a “hair band” back in the day!
  5. karijetaime said: I would KILL for hair with that much volume!!
  6. nosmokewithoutpryor said: ok - from one fellow thick/long haired girl to another.. what products do you use to keep hair tame/straight? i usually japanese straighten but can’t do it while nursing right now.. BAHHHH.
  7. cupofchi said: I think it looks awesome (but I would kill for some volume)!
  8. kimbaland said: i have killer bags every morning! thank god i take so long to get ready so they have time to deflate.
  9. champagnetoasts posted this
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