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We too often turn on the evening news to terrible revelations. To a mass murder taking lives in a packed movie theater at midnight. To fighting. To domestic violence. To RPG’s and roadside bombs. To heartless acts of inhumanity. We’ve become attune to glaring media attention and speculation and insensitivity.

And yet, this is different. These are children. Children that are scared of the dark and believe in Santa Claus. Children that watch Saturday morning cartoons and believe that their Mom’s grilled cheese sandwich is the finest culinary creation known to man. Children that were wrapped up in a big hug and kissed on the cheek before being sent off on the bus this morning. Children that are innocent and pure and good.

I am not a parent. I can’t empathize with the feeling of dread Mother’s and Father’s around the country are now feeling. The anger and frustration with losing a place that should be SAFE for your child. A center of learning that has now been tarnished with a scarlet letter of bad memories for our little people. Our youth. Our future

My prayers are with those effected by this senseless tragedy. But somehow, that just doesn’t seem like enough… 


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