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[wrestling with a box as tall as I am; doing my very best to wrap it in an acceptable manner]

[bounding down the stairs] Babe! Who got that touchdown? Someone scored!

[in the dining room] I don't know hun. As you can see I'm in the DINING room and I'm not watching the game.

so, you don't know who scored? This is playoff week for our fantasy football teams you know. ((I have now heard this 32 times))

[blank stare, shaking my head, & still wrestling with aforementioned box] Oy, vey.


  1. hershyscorner said: #eyesonthebackofyourhead
  2. stickyhide said: I got T out of the house on a Sunday the FIRST time this season and the world hasn’t ended. It’s a miracle.
  3. perkieandmowgli said: oh the fantasy football playoffs have led me to anger today too!
  4. champagnetoasts posted this
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