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a few things; today

Yesterday was tough. I cut my loses early and fully exercised my rights [thank you, great job!] to a mental health day. 

But today- today has started on a much, much better note.

  • An email from a dear college friend announcing the arrival of her sweet Baby Boy! A huge congratulations to the R family and their [now] family of 4. 
  • My bro and Katie Rae closed on their new house this morning. Such exciting news for them— welcome to the homeowners club, kids! Even better? They are 5 minutes from the H house. Almost walking distance. I’ve mentioned before that I love having most of my collective group literally at arms length. Now, we just have to convince Mom and Dad P that Raleigh is a terrific place to call home… [presently- this plan is fully underway] 
  • Speaking of having my family close- my sister in law [hereby known as Piper Claus] dropped off the world’s cutest Holiday cupcakes (below) as a surprise last night. That’s the great part about having family as almost neighbors; they can swing by in a pinch or show up with confections at the drop of a hat. [punny!] 


  • I started my morning with a cupcake. And a white chocolate cranberry cookie. And I bit off the head of a gingerbread man. Have I mentioned how much my sweet tooth loves the Holidays? 

Not everyday can be exactly what you ask for. Often, you have to take the good with the bad. There are just some days that a smile and a laugh doesn’t make everything better. And that’s okay. Really it is. I’m learning to ask for help, to turn over control, and to reach out to someone greater than I am when I can’t be at the helm. Because, as I’ve heard quite often and is evident with this beautiful Tuesday, tomorrow is always a new day.

ho ho ho, y’all 



  1. nosmokewithoutpryor said: mental health days are the BEST - i took one this morning (and napped!)
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