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curious to try…

The oil cleansing method

Melissa [everyone say “HI, MEL!”] blogged about her recent switch from using a daily facial cleanser to using an olive oil/ castor oil blend to wash her face. And I’m curious- has anyone else done this? My skin isn’t breaking out- but I am always looking for new beauty tricks to implement. 

So what say you ladies of the Internet? Is Olive Oil as a face wash a yay or a nay?


  1. theengineerswife answered: Gets a yay from me. Just started last week and I love it. (Although I use almond oil…)
  2. littlebirdsnest said: I used to do a castor/almond oil combo and I both loved and hated it. The ritual of a mini-facial at night felt AMAZING but sometimes it was just too much work. I have been thinking about starting again because it did work and made my skin more healthy.
  3. baltimoretexan answered: This is the first I’ve heard about this mindbodygreen.com/0-667…
  4. socaliente answered: I use coconut oil as a face wash and I do love it!
  5. cupofchi said: Oil just sounds gross to put on my face…but I’m sure it works.
  6. thedailycourtney said: I’ve heard coconut oil is best for this, but I’m scared to try.
  7. megburns answered: I use raw honey and I REALLY like it
  8. thegreatworldofmelissa said: Do it! I think you can use a number of different oils as the moisturizer part, but castor oil is the cleansing agent. Just get a little travel bottle from the target travel section and mix the oils. Give it at least 2 weeks.
  9. useyourindoorvoice answered: I tried it and couldn’t deal with the resulting mess. I also couldn’t keep my husband from moving the olive oil from the bathroom to kitchen.
  10. nosmokewithoutpryor answered: i haven’t done this, but i’m IN LOVE with using Argan Oil on my face lately. i use it at night after my clairsonic & body shop face wash. A+!
  11. elizabethonpinsandneedles answered: I have never tried ti myself,but have been considering a switch as well. I have heard wonderful things from my sister who uses this method.
  12. panserta said: All the little old Italian ladies in my family used it on their faces. I haven’t been brave enough!
  13. littlelaur answered: would recommend raw honey as a cleanser with coconut oil as moisturizer.
  14. lifemoreexciting said: Not helpful, but if you get grease on your pots or your ventahood, you can rub oil on them to get them clean. Maybe it’s the same thing with faces?
  15. kimbaland answered: This isn’t really helpful, but I used to use the St. Ives olive oil face wash and the smell was awful, I had to stop.
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