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time # 53,721 I let the Internet make decisions for me

So a few weeks ago, I blogged about how I wanted to try using olive oil as a face wash. Well, being that I’m lazy and the process involved more steps than just actually rubbing the olive oil on my face (what do you mean you want me to concoct my own beauty product? yeah right.) I never got around to making that happen. What can I say; I’m a purest that believes beauty should be as easy as smearing some gook on my face, adding water, and rinsing clean. 

I did- however- heed your advice to try raw honey as a face wash. At first I was all "you want me put this sticky shit on my face? is this going to come off? what if it gets in my hair?" but I quickly shut up the little internal voices and just did as the Internet told me. 

[wise decision, EPH]

A few important points. First- make sure you’re using raw honey (I got my jar from Trader Joe’s for much cheaper than my everyday face wash). Second- make sure you have your hair pulled back and completely off your face. As I mentioned earlier, honey is sticky (for those that haven’t noticed) and you don’t want gobs of it in your hairs. And finally- I have started washing my face with raw honey in the morning as it doesn’t really work in removing makeup and grime your face accumulates throughout the day. I’m still using my typical face wash in the evening. 

So here are my completely un-scientific directions to wash yo face with raw honey- 

  1. take a quarter sized amount of honey and spread onto your face in circular motions. you people are all adults- I don’t think I need to go into great detail here. I work in sections (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) and usually end up using more than a quarter sized amount. 
  2. let the honey sit on your face for a minute or two 
  3. take a washcloth, soak with warm water, and rinse off your face

There you have it- that simple. Even a caveman could do it. 

I could go on here and tell you all about how honey is a natural moisturizer or how honey can help brighten your skin tone but I won’t. Just try for yourself. 


Ps- you can also use raw honey as an mask. Follow simple directions above- only leave on your skin for 10-15 minutes as an exfoliating treatment. I hear you can also mix with sugar and lemon juice but I haven’t tried that quite yet (again- I’m lazy and it requires too many steps). 


  1. kellykovetskouture said: So interesting, might try this!
  2. haygirlhay said: completely 1000% agree re: headband wearing and morning use. does nothing for makeup removal but perfect for freshening up in the am without irritating/stripping. i’ve noticed my skin’s less oily since switching.
  3. thegreatworldofmelissa said: um it takes like 2 seconds to pour olive oil and canstor oil in a squeeze bottle. You will now take the lazy award. xoxo
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