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a note

to everyone

and no one in particular

to those entertaining happiness 

and those with tear stained cheeks

to those skipping down the aisles in their white dresses

and to those donning hospital gowns fighting the tough battle

to those with warm, happy homes

and the ones without

to those with huge cheering sections; squads of sorts

and those rambling this life alone

to those who’s Tuesday is filled with happy memories (there will be babies born!)

and to those who would very much like to forget today (this week, this month)

I’ve been trying to find the appropriate words for each one of you

for each of you dancing through very different moments in your lives

and I have discovered that my words to you only need be simplistic in nature

as I tell you

you are loved.


  1. southerngirladventures said: Thank you so much for this E! This was exactly what I needed to hear today.
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