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I have a feeling…

Monday. The first extra light of the season. 

I have a stinging feeling that the hills might be slightly harder then I remember, the air might have a bit more bite, and my legs will ache with a fierceness I haven’t known for months. (stupid dreadmill)

I know my playlist is lame- but I’m armed with a darling new ponytail and I’m ready to kick today’s run in the ass. 

I’ve put many miles of mental grief behind me since the last time I laced up my tennies for an afternoon, outdoor run. I hate to say that I’m back— because I never really quite went anywhere. But I am. 

I have a different feeling this time. I can get out there, with my headphones and my heart, and really put my all into my run. No asterisk  No parenthesis. No footnote. Nothing but me and the pavement. 

And for that and this feeling I have to rush into Spring, I’ll gladly trade 1 extra hour of sleep. 

oxo and well-toned calves,



  1. td-tinydancer said: I love that you call it the deadmill.
  2. ramblings-of-em said: Add “What about us?” by The Saturdays to your playlist. I just added it for my 8K this weekend, GREAT workout song!
  3. champagnetoasts posted this
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