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a pair of paisley pants

I stand for many things. For second chances, for the Wolfpack winning an NCAA championship of any sort [because no one is holding their breath for our football team], for true love, for grilled cheese sandwiches being their own food group, and for wearing clothing that feels like a pair of pajamas.

I’ll give you a hint: this ensemble MIGHT be cozier than all my Lulu outfits. Combined. Yes, I’m dead serious.


In fact, I’m pretty sure there is an equation for this theory of mine:

maximum cozy + effortless style + not looking like a slug while doing so = living your best life

There you have it. Just call me scholar and a lady, folks.


wide-leg pants: Anthropologie // cobalt blue top: Bordeaux // lanyard necklace: J.Crew // shoes: Michael Antonio (similar in gold) // bag: Goyard // denim jacket: Rich & Skinny (similar) // sunnies: House of Harlow


  1. nosmokewithoutpryor said: you look SO GORG!!!
  2. southerngirladventures said: love this so much!
  3. dailybaxter said: You look fantastic. I’d look like honey boo boos mom donning a moo moo because it was the only thing that fit. Bah.
  4. tallgirltales said: at first glance i thought this was a street style model photo! love everything about this!
  5. thegreatworldofmelissa said: love it! and didn’t even realize that was you at first. Nice photog skills MR B.
  6. abiglittlelife said: This is so good!
  7. babytakesmanhattan said: love this outfit! You look great :)
  8. judiism said: lookin like such a movie star here!
  9. thatgirlgwen reblogged this from champagnetoasts and added:
    need, not want. well, practically.
  10. glitterandshade said: you look amazing!
  11. missjacobi said: loooooove!
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