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I’m not what one would call an adventurous cosmetic connoisseur. I just decided last year that it was about time for me to start wearing foundation so I can’t exactly hold the “Miss Makeup” crown firmly above my head. 

However, I do know a good product when I see [try] one and these two things my friends… they are great. 

Origins Active Charcoal Mask helps release jammed pores, absorb environmental toxins, and dissolve impurities. Great for stubborn blackheads and leaves your skin feeling like you just had a $200 facial. Only you didn’t. But don’t tell anyone— you can keep that our little secret. 

Given my love-hate relationship with expensive lipstick [I love it and it hates to remain firmly in place on my lips] this Laqa & Co. Big Fat Lip Pencil is my newest obsession. Take one swipe of the pencil over your lips for a natural color or two for a bold, dramatic look. & sharpening necessary here, folks. I have this in the Ring of Fire shade— perfect for summer! (ps- Laqa also makes a nailpolish pen which I’m pretty sure would be the only way I could ever properly paint my nails myself]  

There you have it- my two product endorsements found thanks to my June Birchbox [and my sweet friend, M]. 


full disclosure: this is not a sponsored post but a few referral links are used here. 


  1. peoniesandcocktails said: Try origins checks & balances cleanser, I love!
  2. missjacobi said: omfg i got that mask as a sample in a sephora order and it is my FAVORITE. so incredible for such a low price point!
  3. useyourindoorvoice said: LOVE that charcoal mask!
  4. thecooknook said: Dang! I still haven’t gotten my June box.
  5. dearbaby said: I got that lip pencil too and totally OBSESSED! Mine is a bright pink and it’s so fun.
  6. champagnetoasts posted this
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