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on positive thinking [& living]


Often I’ve been asked how I keep such a positive attitude. My response [more commonly than not] is to say that you have to think positively to act positively. I make a conscious CHOICE not to linger in the bad, sad, and irritating. I pick things out of my everyday to celebrate and embrace; things that I know I have been blessed to be the bearer of; things that not everyone is so lucky to encounter.

That’s not to say that I’m always happy. I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty unfair shit this year. But living in that- in a constant state of perpetual anger and frustration- will get me [you] nowhere. Even through the darkest days, you must make a decision to focus on the good. What comes is a happier perspective. Because things could always be worse. 

So the goodies that Momma P gave me (pictured above) on Monday— well, I couldn’t help but share them with you all.

the first is a Book of Gratitude. Much like Miss Brooke’s weekly gratitude, this little journal of sorts challenges you to pick three things out of your day that made you happy. In a way, it allows you to appreciate the small, the lovely instead of focusing on your never-ending “To Do” list or falling into the perpetually negative slippery slope that can be life. I’m using this as my journal; an unfiltered place that I can store all of my tiny pieces of happiness. 

the second is a dammit doll. Because sometimes, even a Book of Gratitude can’t solve a really shitty day & even the cheeriest of us needs something to take out a few frustrations on. 

I challenge you all to do this- pick a few things out of each and everyday that make you just a little bit happier. It can be even the tiniest things- a fantastic cup of coffee, a great laugh with an old friend, your favorite Christmas song. Soon, you’ll forget about dwelling in the negativity, the struggles, and the sadness and you’ll appreciate the little things you have in your life. 

I promise- it will be beyond worth your efforts. 


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