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Things I can’t take seriously:  

  • the name Lloyd 
  • weather forecasters
  • the phrase “against all odds” 
  • fashion photography

Listen, I love showing off pictures of my outfits just like anyone else. But let’s be honest here- I’m the furthest thing from a “model” that you’ll ever see. I look like Linus (Peanuts fans?) up there in that photo dragging my jacket through the grass. Seriously, Elizabeth? Get it together.

Perhaps more of the humor with this lies in the fact that I DON’T at all take myself seriously with this. Or maybe it’s just hilarious that I take photos like this 


Stargazing? An apparent attempt at being cool? 

What can I say- learning to laugh at yourself is one of the greatest joys in life. That and cupcakes for breakfast. 

chino shorts: J.Crew // cobalt tee: Anthropologie (previously seen here along with my favorite skirt that’s now 1/2 price and here in Charleston) // denim jacket: Rich & Skinny // bag: Target // coral wedges: Shopbop (love these in pink) // leopard sunnies: a beach find // necklace: SweetiePie “Taryn” (mine is the jade version)