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a tradition of our own

I’ve come to believe that half of the fun of being married [aside from the whole “waking up next to your best friend” part of course] is creating new traditions.

Over the past coupe of years, Blake and I have adopted a pre-Christmas celebration of our own. Tradition has it that after [regular season] college football ends and before the big guy and his reindeer descend our chimneys- the H’s cozy up and stow away for a nice dinner. Just the two of us. 

Our favorite spot for this pre Christmas shin-dig is a local legend. However, instead of calling ahead and reserving a table, we very much prefer to mosey up to the lounge (pictured below) for an early dinner, pull up a leather chair, and people watch while enjoying our meal. 


As over the top and “extra” as I am, I’ve come to realize that some things really are just way more fun when they are easy; low key. The food is great (try as I might, I will never master the art of a perfectly cooked rib-eye) and the atmosphere top notch. We will certainly be the youngest patrons in the room (always are) but that tends to makes for more enjoyable conversations. 

He’ll sip on a glass of bourbon (on the rocks) and I’ll have champagne. He’ll order the largest Prime Rib on the menu (22 ozs.) while I pick the Chateaubriand. We will attempt to finish our meals while debating the pecan pie for dessert (which we will pass on). As we leave, I’ll try to get him to take a picture with me in front of the tree. He [jokingly] will say that he ate too much for dinner. 

And so our evening will go. Little expectation, huge meaning; plenty of togetherness and a great amount of love. And to me, that’s what the Holidays are all about. 


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