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wednesday wonders

For the most part, I’m not investing in anything long sleeved until at least September. However, like most of you, I don’t control the AC units here at work and I’m forced to either freeze to death or layer like hell to get through the day. Hence, the long sleeved blazer and merino wool sweater. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…


one: draped blazer (also comes in white; on sale) // two: stacked heel sandals also on sale // three: fringe necklace // four: peplum hem floral dress // five: floral print dress // six: asymmetrical zip sweater // seven: resin medallion necklace // eight: military shirtdress (it was love at first sight with this in the J.Crew style guide; would be adorable layered with this come fall) // nine:zebra print mules // ten: black booties // eleven: eyelet print dress currently on sale // twelve: pendant necklace 


Last night as I was sitting on the porch I wished to stay exactly where I was. Not to rush time, not to hope for what’s next. Just to sit and enjoy right where I was that second. It’s a new feeling for me. Over the past year, I’ve spent a good amount of time looking forward. What’s on the horizon? How quickly can this year pass? Along the way, I’ve tried to coach myself on just being instead of hoping… (written august 2013)

Lots of the posts that I’ve written over the past 4 years have become a jumbled mess in my brain. Understandably so- who honestly cares about that dress you wore last September or the pair of shoes you found on clearance. But this one post has really resonated with me.

For many reasons I’ve come back to that August (2013) entry time and time again. I’ve re-read the text and challenged myself to remember that feeling. Of sitting in the backyard in the humid August evening, spinning cherry tomatoes around between my thumb and my index finger. Enjoying just exactly what life has spread out in front of me. Contentment.

I have changed. A lot. I look back at the person I was years ago and I laugh to myself. Gahlee- if only I had known then what I know now. But I guess that’s the brilliant part about life. The realization that we are ever evolving into the person we hope to become.

These days, I think a lot less “oh this would be good on the blog” and a lot more of just living and enjoying the moment. Because as we all know, there’s a beauty in the sunrise that you can’t capture on camera…